For over 80 years the housing authority has been providing affordable housing to the residents of the Danville, IL area. It all began with groundbreaking of Fair Oaks and Beeler Terrace in 1941.


In 1976, the housing authority integrated the Housing Choice Voucher, or better known as the Section 8, program into their housing abilities. This program made it possible for families to choose where they live in the private sector while still maintaining income based rental assistance.


In all that passing time a lot has changed; names, faces, jurisdictional boundaries, but one thing has remained and that is The Vermilion Housing Authority is to providing the residents of our city and county with affordable housing opportunities that encourage self-improvement, self-confidence, and economic self-sufficiency.


In 2020 the Housing Authority of the City of Danville, IL and the Housing Authority of the County of Vermilion officially merged into one agency. Today we are known as the Vermilion Housing Authority and are here to serve our families with pride.


Patrick J. O'Shaughnessy

Board Re-Appointment - 9/5/2017

Appointed Chairman - 10/20/2016

Vice Chairman

Gary Miller

Board Appointment - 3/10/2020

Appointed Vice Chairman - 10/21/2021

Board Members

Carla Boyd

Board Re-Appointment - 9/4/2018

Deanna Witzel

Board Appointment - 6/20/2017

Harsha Gurujal

Board Appointment - 11/16/2021

Courtney Watson

Board Appointment - 1/19/2022

Lindsay VanFleet

Board Appointment - 10/13/2020