Low Income Public Housing

Maintenance Services

Vermilion Housing Authority provides routine and emergency maintenance services 24 hours a day.  Households are to contact the work order hotline at 217-444-3126  to file a work order request.

If a maintenance issue is not considered to be of an emergency nature and does not pose a threat to the household’s health and safety, the household should wait until normal business hours for maintenance services to avoid being billed for unnecessary call out services.  

You can submit routine, non emergency work orders below.

When requesting maintenance services, please be sure to leave the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Rental Unit Address
  • Telephone Contact Number
  • A description of what needs to be repaired
  • Where the repair is located in the unit


maintenance services

Emergency Services

Emergency maintenance occurs when work must be done to prevent a threat to the life or safety of a household or damage to Housing Authority property. In case of an emergency, the Housing Authority’s lease agreement allows agency staff to enter the rental unit at any time to protect the health and safety of all residents in the development.

  • Reporting a fire within or on the exterior of a unit or building (Call 911 Prior to Calling the Maintenance Hotline)
  • Building elevators reported as inoperable or damaged.  Someone being trapped within a stopped elevator car is considered an emergency
  • Plumbing leaks that have the capacity to create flooding or cause damage to the rental unit
  • Roof leaks and/or waterlogged ceiling that is in imminent danger of falling down
  • Reporting no hot water
  • Broken window glass, which affects rental unit security, is a cutting hazard, or occurs during inclement weather.  A cracked glass window pane is not considered an emergency situation.
  • Reporting of a natural gas leak or the smell of gas fumes.  Natural gas is a colorless, odorless fuel.  If you smell the “rotten egg” odor within the rental unit or building:
    • Alert others and immediately exit the unit or building
    • Avoid touching anything that may spark. 
    • Locate a telephone and immediately contact 911 to notify the police and fire departments to report the odor of gas in the unit
    • DO NOT go back into the rental unit or send anyone back into the unit.  Warn others to stay clear of the area.
    • DO NOT attempt to locate, repair or seal the leak
  • Backed-up raw sewage. A clogged sink is not considered an emergency situation
  • Electrical hazards, such as no power within the rental unit; sparks from electrical outlets, light switches, or ceiling lights; water running over or pooling within electrical outlets, light switches, or ceiling lights.
  • Inoperable Housing Authority owned refrigerator or stove
  • Inoperable Housing Authority owned air conditioner or furnace
  • Reporting of no heat within the unit.
  • Inoperable toilet or bathroom shower
  • Broken exterior rental unit door locks, which affect rental unit security.
  • Inoperable smoke detectors or carbon monoxide alarms
  • Lock-out of the rental unit (Household member requesting access must provide responding staff member with valid photo identification).


Thousands of people see our buildings and community areas every day. Our appearance influences how other community members feel about us. It is your (the tenant’s) responsibility to take care of these areas. Always keep common areas clean and free of debris.

Vehicle Policy

All vehicles must be in good repair and in operating condition.  License plates must be current and visible.  All tires must be inflated.


All residents must have a valid Housing Authority Parking Sticker clearly displayed in the vehicle. Guests are only permitted to park in designated visitor parking spots.

Smoke Free Policy

A smoke-free building is one where smoking is not allowed anywhere inside of the building. In addition, no one may smoke within 25 feet of any building on public housing grounds.


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Pet Policy

Pets must be registered and approved before being brought onto the premises. There will be a separate pet charge of $250 for every pet approved. Click below to learn more about what animals are allowed and the process of getting them approved. 


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Resident Policies

  • Use the premises as only a private dwelling unit for the Resident and the Resident’s household as identified in the Lease.
  • Providing accommodations for boarders and lodgers is forbidden.
  • Common household pets are permitted with prior approval in accordance with the VHA Pet Policy
  • Residents are responsible for the actions of their guest(s) and visitors.  Guest(s) and visitors must abide by all the rules and regulations.
  • Residents must keep the dwelling unit and other areas that may be assigned to the Resident for exclusive use in decent, clean, and safe condition.
  • Residents must not deface, destroy, or remove any part of the premises or development.
  • Residents must refrain from any activity or behavior that interferes with the health, safety, or right to peaceful enjoyment of the premises by other Residents, contractors, or employees of the VHA.
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Work Orders

Fill out our Non-Emergency Work Order Request for issues in your apartment.

To place an emergency work order after hours, please call 217-444-3126. In case of a life-threatening emergency, call 911.