Frequently Asked Questions

  • The application is available on the website. Click here to apply online.
  • Applications are available to pickup at the Administration Building, 1607 Clyman Lane, Danville,
    IL 61832
  • Churchill Towers, 101 E. Seminary, Danville, IL 61832
  • Mer Che Manor, 723 N. Oak St., Danville, IL 61832
  • Centennial Manor, 426 E. Honeywell Ave., Danville, IL 61832
  • Applications can be mailed. You need to call (217) 444-3115
  • Your application will be entered into the system
  • The Intake Specialist will schedule an appointment by sending a letter stating the date and time of the appointment and what you will need to bring with you
  • At that appointment you will be completing an Eligibility Packet
  • Photo ID/s for all adults
  • Social Security Cards for all household members
  • Birth Certificates for all household members
  • Proof of all current household income, including, but not limited to:
    • 1 month of current employment paystubs
    • Proof of self-employment
    • Unemployment benefit printout
    • Child support payments
    • Social Security/Disability benefits (SSI)
    • Veteran’s pension/disability or other payments
    • Pension/Annuity
  • We will be verifying if you are eligible to get power in your name; if you owe any Housing Authority money and if you have ever been evicted from any Housing Authority
  • A background check will be completed
  • If all the above is favorable, you will be moved to Eligible Status on the waitlist

We do not give out waitlist status as it is subject to change daily

There is a wait for all apartments. Once one becomes available, i.e., 1- bedroom, 2- bedroom, 3-
bedroom, 4- bedroom or 5- bedroom, the Property Manager will pull that list and start calling to
offer a unit in order on the list