Staff Directory


Jaclyn Vinson

Executive Director

Brittany Savalick

Director of Housing Operations


Amber McCoy

Chief Financial Officer

Tamra Hartman

Assistant Director of Finance

Terri Pankow

Purchasing Clerk

Michele Pataki

Accounting Clerk

Resident Opportunity for Self-Sufficiency (ROSS)

Tamera Forthenberry

Resident Services Coordinator

Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

Melissa Welker

HVC Specialist

James Booher

Housing Choice Voucher HQS Inspector

Public Housing Program

Sue Harden

Intake Specialist

Gail Moore

Property Manager - Churchill/Beeler/Madison Court

Kim Spangler

Property Manager- Fair Oaks

Samantha Bruens

Property Manager of County Properties

Margaret Duncan

Property Manager- Merche Manor


Doyle Thompson, II

Director of Maintenance

Monty Schroeder

Building & Grounds Technician - Fair Oaks

John Pine

Maintenance Mechanic - Fair Oaks

Alan Cottrill

Maintenance Mechanic- Fair Oaks

Joseph Lawton

Maintenance Technician - Fair Oaks

Aaron McCreary

Maintenance Mechanic- Churchill/Beeler/Madison

James Tellone

Maintenance Mechanic - Churchill/Beeler/Madison

Jeremy Andrews

Maintenance Mechanic - Merche Manor

Scott Greene

Maintenance Technician - County Properties

Ronald Kuntz

Maintenance Technician - County Properties